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we spent the last 10 years getting in contact with our relatives from United States. Our grandfather had many sons, most of them went in the US in the 1900 and few stayed in here, in Serra San Quirico. We come from that part of the tree, the part that stayed, but we are now in contact with many of our relatives that are born in the US but that learnt italian from the parents and want to know more about the places their family, their ancestors are coming from.

We have lot of experience in the field.

We usually visit the church and the municipality, looking for official acts like when someone was born or when a couple got married.

Then we get contact with the local people, asking for more informations. The old people, the ones still alive, they know everything about anybody.

Usually we are able to connect people with their relatives. We can find the houses where someone was born, the places where the family was raised.

And you? Are you tracing back your origins? Maybe your family comes also from Serra San Quirico?



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  1. Laura Williamson dicono:

    Hello ! I’m interested in finding my family’s history in Serra San Quirico. My grandparents and great grandparents were born in Serra San Quirico . I would be interested in finding out more about the services you offer. I would like to come spend one night at the B&B .
    Kind Regards,
    Laura Williamson

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